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SMS solutions

SMS solutions

What is a Web SMS Platform?
A Web SMS Platform allows businesses to send SMS messages from a network connected PC. It offers more advanced and efficient text-messaging solutions than standard mobile messaging.

Online SMS Platforms activate features including message scheduling, 2 way SMS, bulk SMS and more. There is no external software required - simply log in and start sending.

How does it work?
Web SMS Software relies on what is known as an SMS gateway to convert your message into an SMS and distribute it to recipients. An SMS gateway routes messages into mobile phone networks which are then pushed to your customers.

This portal allows businesses to safely and quickly send and receive messages via a computer. SMS gateways use different levels of routes depending on the SMS provider. To ensure all of your SMS communications are delivered, and delivered quickly, use a provider that offers premium quality routes.

Why use Web SMS Software?
A Web SMS Platform opens the door to many bulk SMS benefits that would otherwise be unavailable.

Messages can be crafted and sent in just seconds through SMS software. Handy functions like merge fields, contact groups and message templates make creating and distributing your campaign quick and easy.

SMS avoids pesky SPAM filters and ad-blocking strategies. By using an Online Messaging Platform you can cut through the noise on a channel that has been trusted and utilised for over 25 years.

iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia 3310; they all support SMS! Every mobile device has an in-built text-message function whilst other messaging applications require downloading and the completion of a sign-up process.

Web SMS Platforms are great, but imagine if I told you you could take these functions to your existing software? Spoiler alert; you can. Online SMS Software such as our MXT platform can be integrated with existing CRM.

2 Way SMS
Open the doors of communication with your customers using Web SMS Software. This technology makes it easy to manage, filter and organise incoming messages. Improve productivity by introducing auto-replies, automatic opt-outs and keyword triggers.

What can I use a Web SMS Platform for?
We know that a Web SMS Platform sends text-messages, but what exactly are businesses using SMS for?

Transactional SMS
Transactional SMS refers to SMS messages that contain important information about products, services or processes. This does not include marketing or promotional material. Transactional SMS is most commonly used to improve customer experience and internal processes. Some examples include:

-Welcome messages

-Order confirmations

-Shipping updates

-Appointment confirmations

-Booking reminders

-One-time passwords

SMS Marketing

Any advertising or promotional material sent to consumers via text-messaging is considered SMS marketing. These messages are permission-based, meaning users must ‘opt-in’ to receive them. It is designed to increase sales and engagement with brands.

Examples of SMS marketing include:
-Promotiondal deals

-SMS coupons

-Text-to-win competitions

-Flash sales

-Loyalty programs

-Alerts & notifications